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Hack Days are a brilliant way to ignite internal innovation within an organisation and can be tailored around a specific theme or an existing product, solution or process. Hack Days Australia can design & deliver an experimental and creative experience for (technical or non-technical) organisations that promotes the benefits of teamwork and collaboration to drive innovation.

Why run Hack days?

Read our latest article "Why run Hack Days?" to find out more about the wide range of positive benefits that can flow from running a successful internal Hack Day event within your organisation. Also, read our "Benefits of running Hack Day events" article.

Who we are

Hack Days Australia, a Vivify Labs run venture, are a passionate and experienced team who excited about helping organisations uncover the benefits of internal innovation and creative thinking using unique Hack day experiences.

Our mission

Our mission is to work closely with your organisation to understand its needs, and deliver an unparalleled, personalised Hack Day experience, which delivers benefits that are relevant to your specific organisation and its expectations.

We love our clients

Our philosophy is to build an authentic ongoing, relationship with each and every company that we work with. We genuinely enjoy immersing ourselves into the process of learning more about what they do and how we can personalise a hack day experience that will suit their specific needs.

Hosted in-house Hack Days

Hackdays.com.au can help clients organise and facilitate on-site Hack day events that are customised to suit the specific needs of their business. We can also look after event logistics including sourcing technology specialists, HD theming, communications, catering and the all important trophies and prizes.

What we do

Hackdays.com.au helps organisations bring internal innovation to life by working closely with our clients to design and deliver unique Hack Day experiences that are customised to meet the specific needs of their business and staff. We look after the end-to-end logistics of creating your very of Hackathon.


We are passionate about helping organisations uncover the benefits of internal innovation and creative thinking and can’t wait to work with your organisation to design a customised Hack Day experience.

Passionate about unlocking potential via the development and execution of adaptive strategies.


Managing Director & Co-Founder

Passionate team builder, Inspired and driven by business innovation and continuous improvement.


Advisor & Co-Founder

We're looking an experienced and vibrant events co-ordinator to join the team at Vivify Labs.


Events Co-Ordinator

Hack Day Events

- 13950 Collaborating teams
- 450 prizes and trophies
- 380 cups of coffee
- 888150 lines of code
- 3876 beers consumed
- 32876 photos taken
- 674 social updates
- 87658 happy team members


HackDays.com.au can facilitate hosted, on-site hack day innovation events designed specifically for your organisation. We work with our clients to build in the right components and themes to deliver high impact, high value experiences.

Project Delivery

Hack Day events can be used as a method to kickstart an organisations specific project work (from inception to prototype delivery) as a way of increased throughput and delivery dedication. 

Sense of Fun

A Hack Days event facilitated in the right way, can create a sense of fun, energy and excitement within an organisation. Team members working in a relaxed, fun environment tend to create and deliver brilliant things.

In Production

A key benefit of running internal Hack Day events within your organisation, is the idea/invention "in production" factor. The psychological boost of knowing that your team’s idea or working prototype made it to market, can be immense.

New Directions

Internal Hack Day events can provide your staff an avenue to explore new ideas, not traditionally aligned with your organisational direction. This can often open up new and exciting opportunities for innovation.

Staff Engagement

One of the key benefits of running internal Hack Day events is the positive impact on staff engagement. We genuinely believe that Hack days can improve staff satisfaction levels and inevitably contribute to higher staff retention rate.

Hack Day Themes

Hack Day events can be themed to focus on creating specific new products, introducing new capabilities or processes, or adopting new technical solutions within the business to achieve your specific goals.


Hack Day events provide a real world scenario where you can bring different areas (and roles) of the business together to work collaboratively on something that they have a passion for and will benefit your organisation.


Giving teams and people the time to stop and think, be creative, and to do things outside of the box (more often) will embed a culture and framework of internal innovation within a business.

 Hack Days Clients 


Hack Day Options

Hackdays.com.au have been involved in many hackathon events over recent years, and the benefits of running such events within an organisation are overwhelmingly clear. For any decision maker that might be looking at these events through a lens of uncertainty, you can rest assured that they are well worth the effort.

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